Basement Mold

Stop basement mold at the source with our basement mold removal products. If you don’t have basement mold, prevent it with our basement mold prevention products and basement mold prevention kits. Removing and preventing mold increases indoor air quality.

Improve air quality and get rid of mold by waterproofing your basement.

Mold is typically visible and causes a musty odor. Water and moisture in the basement can be a contributing factor to mold in the home. Most people don’t realize that up to 50% of the air we breathe in our homes comes from the basement. Mold has been connected to serious health problems, adversely affecting people both young and old. It can cause or worsen respiratory problems, allergies and in severe cases can cause death.

Reducing the amount of mold is a critical factor in having a health home. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that the key to mold control is a source of water seepage and moisture control. If our basement is a source of water seepage and moisture, we need to control or remedy the problem. If we do not control the water/moisture, then mold will colonize and continue to spread via mold spores.

There are many areas that need protection from water damage and leaking. The foundation walls and floors act as giant sponge, allowing water to wick through, increasing moisture levels. Applying a good moisture barrier will stop the wicking process and prevent moisture from coming through the pours and capillaries of the concrete walls and floor. Foundation wall cracks can be a source of leaking water into the basement. Repairing all wall cracks, whether they leak actively or not, will minimize moisture.

Basement floor cracks should also be repaired to stop moisture and water from penetrating into the basement. Any type of penetration in a foundation wall or floor should be repaired to minimize moisture. For homeowners with sump pumps, a word of caution is necessary. Open sump pump pits allow moisture directly into the basement environment adding to possible mold growth. A sump pump basin with an air tight cover is the solution. (Also sold as radon tight covers) It is always a good idea to add some type of ventilation in the basement. Air movement can also help reduce moisture.

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