Garage Repair Products

Our extensive line of garage repair products and garage waterproofing products allow you to effectively and affordable repair and waterproof your garage.

Don’t neglect your garage, keep it safe and clean with concrete sealers.

Many homeowners tend to neglect their garages. Garages are often viewed as a dumping ground and catch all for several items, like cars, bikes, gardening tools, toys…. It is important to maintain the concrete in your garage to ensure a long lasting, cleaner environment.

Garage issues include:

  • Wall cracks in garages that are under houses
  • Floor cracks
  • Concrete spawling
  • Salt residue from tires
  • Oil leaking from cars
  • Moisture
  • Mold
  • Dust

Applying a concrete sealer to the garage floor can help:

  • Protect the floor
  • Purge concrete of impurities
  • Minimize spawling
  • Minimize moisture
  • Minimize dust
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Increase light reflectivity

There are various types of concrete sealers that are all easily applied to meet your various needs.

Floor cracks left unchecked will worsen over time. There are easy solutions for you to repair these cracks and prevent further damage such as spawling.

Garage walls that are below grade often have cracks. These foundation cracks can be repaired by homeowners with the right product and knowledge.

Basement Waterproofing Products is Upfront