Radon Prevention Products

Our radon prevention products and radon prevention kits help to prevent the intrusion of radon into your home.

Seal out unwanted cancer causing radon gases in the basement and keep your family safe.

Although radon has been talked about and in the news for many years, most people still are unaware if they have radon issues in their home. Radon can cause serious medical problems. According to the EPA radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States claiming 20,000 lives per year. It is the leading cause of lung cancer among non smokers.

Homeowners should use radon test kits to determine the level of radon gases in their home. There are several ways DIY-ers can successfully reduce radon levels in their home to an acceptable rate.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce radon levels in any home is to seal foundation walls and floors with Radon Prevention Sealer. The basement sealer penetrates the pours in the concrete and minimizes the ability for the radon gas to enter the home. Radon Prevention Sealer is very easily applied using a garden sprayer.

Foundation wall and floor cracks can be a major source for Radon penetration into your home. There is also an easy solution to repair these cracks and stop the radon from entering through this manor. By repairing wall cracks with a basement seal, you also help to prevent water leaks from entering the basement. When you repair the floor cracks, it will help to minimize water penetration through the floor, due to hydrostatic pressure.

Another easy DIY solution to minimize radon is to fill the void between the wall and the floor, known as the cove seam. This can easily be done with the right product, similar to caulking a large bathtub. You would simply apply the caulking in the cove seam around the entire interior perimeter of the foundation.

Please note: many homeowners have sump pumps in their basement but forget that this can be an obvious source for radon to penetrate their house. A sump pump basin can easily be installed by most homeowners within a few hours and minimizes radon penetration through the sump pump hole.

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