Types of Concrete Basement Sealers

Types of Concrete Basement Sealers

There are a few types of sealers you can use to seal your concrete basement. This article will  help lay out for you what types of concrete basement sealers there are and which concrete basement sealer is best for you.


Several companies offer concrete basement sealers you paint on. The benefit to this type of sealer is it is affordable, typically under $50 per gallon. The downfall with this type of sealer is coverage. Often times air gets trapped in the paint and when applied to the concrete the air bubbles prevent the sealer from being evenly absorbed into the concrete.

Pre-Mixed Sealers

Pre-mixed concrete basement sealers are a step up from paint concrete basement sealers but they do have a downfall, you pay for them. Many pre-mixed professional grade sealers cost over $200. Also, when you buy a pre-mixed sealer you are paying the manufacturer to do the mixing for you which means you just paid for water! Many of these pre-mixed solutions have a mix ratio. For example, if the ratio is 4:1 and you bought a 5 gallon container you just purchased 4 gallons of water and one gallon of sealer.

Concentrated Sealers

Concentrated sealers are the best bang for your buck and in many cases, the best quality. Concentrated means you receive the product and have to add your own water. Basement Self Solve sells a concrete basement sealer that requires you to add four gallons of warm water. The warm water, mixed with the solution, is absorbed into the capillaries of the concrete. Not only does this method provide the best coverage but in many cases it will increase the strength of your concrete by up to 25%. Concentrated sealers cost more than paint sealers but less than pre-mixed sealers. A concentrated sealer is also easier to apply (you can use a garden sprayer). Talk about easy!

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