Concrete Basement Floor Crack Repair Kits

If you have a crack in your concrete (indoor or outdoor, residential or industrial) that is in need of structural repair and/or is a high traffic area, our CrackBond Foundation Floor Crack Repair Kitis the perfect solution. The CrackBond Crack Repair Kit is designed to weld or glue the concrete floor back together. CrackBond is a two-component compound. When ejected out of the cartridge through a mixing nozzle, it fills the crack and quickly cures (30 minutes). It bonds with sand into an indestructible, impermeable mass inside cracks, spalls, or holes. Water, vapor, or gases cannot penetrate. It is also a structural repair – it stops the crack from further movement. Fixes cracks measuring up to 100LF in length and 1/16” wide OR 50LF in length and 1/8” wide, and up to 4” deep.

If you have water coming in from the cold joint between the concrete pre-cast bulkhead and a poured concrete foundation you need the Basement Self Solve Bulkhead Repair Kit.

Basement Waterproofing Products is Upfront