Concrete Basement Wall Crack Repair Kits

Basement Wall Crack Repair Kits

Not sure which basement wall crack repair kit to go with? Let us help you:

Cracks that have never been repaired by others are the easiest ones to fix. These “untouched cracks” can be repaired using the Urethane Basement Wall Crack Repair Kit. If you are concerned about getting a structural repair, the Epoxy Injection Basement Wall Crack Repair Kit is recommended. If a crack has been “patched” with a removable caulking or even a hydraulic cement that was only put on the surface, it is best to remove as much of this material as possible. If the patch is tough to get off then try to remove just the area where the injection ports would go. This is typically every 8” up the wall. If the crack has been “v-out” and filled with a hydraulic cement or a material that is difficult to remove then the Previously Repaired Basement Wall Crack Repair Kit is to be used as well.

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